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Lawn Tennis, circa 1887 First Leonia Elementary School, circa 1894
Alan Alda Henry Lankenau circa 1940s Couple in a roadster, circa 1920s

Leonia Public Library Digital Collections

Welcome to the Local History Digital Collections of Leonia Public Library. This online collection has recently been started, so please check this website frequently, as additional images will be added continually.

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Borough Services



Leonia Village, 1890s
First Firehouse
First Pharmacy
Downtown 1920s
Downtown 1940s

Public Buildings

Civil War Drill Hall
Train Stations
Borough Hall

Photo Collections

Vreeland-Moore Album, 1889
Borough Scenes

Houses & Streets

Artist Bungalow
Bennett Boarding House
Bogert House
David Christie House
Moore Homestead
Noyes Home
Romaine Place
Samuel Cole House
Sophia Hopken House
Vreeland House


Military Artifacts
Military Photographs
Military Documents


Local History
Nobel Laureates
Educators & Authors
Musicians, Actors & Artists


American Legion
Boy Scouts & Explorer Scouts
Girl Scouts
Junior Woman's Club
Men's Neighborhood Club 1911-1966
Men's Tennis Club
Oakdene Tennis Club
Woman's Club
Players Guild
Literary League 1885-1894
League of Women Voters 1964-2001

Community Activities

Actors in a Movie Scene
Artists at Their Easels
Give Away Days, 1949
Lawn Tennis

Archival Collections

Moore Collection 1703-1931
Edsall Family Papers 1804-1951
Vreeland Papers 1705-1896
Oral Histories
Borough Records 1894-2002
Nancy Hawkins Papers 1950-1957
Dudley Allen Papers 1950-1957
Selena Johnson Papers 1950-1986
Borough Centennial 1994

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